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Quick solutions to keep your phone battery going

More people are basing their lives around mobile technology and many of these people are calling for an increase in battery life, as smartphones and tablets have very limited battery life. Mobile devices allow people to be disconnected from traditional computers, but only for relatively short amounts of time, as these devices must again be charged depending on what the device is being used for. There are solutions to this problem, of course, such as a portable cell phone charger, and there are many such devices that can suit the needs of people throughout the world.

A cell phone charger is mandatory for anyone with a mobile device. These chargers ensure that a device has a full battery, thereby making it useful. The battery of a mobile device is fairly resilient, but it does not enjoy eternal life. Most conventional batteries for modern smartphones have a charging cycle of 300-500. This means that these batteries can be charged as many as 500 times before needing to be replaced. Many people are unsure how long they should wait to charge their devices, with some believing that the battery should run to 0% before being charged fully.

With lithium-ion batteries, which are used to power most modern mobile devices, the general rule is to keep the battery at 50% charge. Charging a battery to full is also unadvised, as this will actually shorten the battery’s lifespan. Generally, lithium-ion batteries should be kept between 40% and 80% charge. This will extend the lifespan of the battery ensuring ┬áthat the battery does not need to be replaced regularly. Any cell phone charger should be able to keep a battery alive, if it is designed for a person’s specific mobile device, of course.

In recent years, new charging technology has been introduced in the form of fast chargers and wireless chargers. Fast chargers are designed, as their name suggests, to cut down on the time it takes to charge a mobile device’s battery. These can be connected to a device and some can charge batteries in an hour or less. Wireless chargers do not have to be connected to a mobile device in the conventional sense. These chargers use wireless technology to charge batteries, but only work with certain types of mobile devices making use of certain types of batteries.

Phone chargers are an inseparable part of owning a mobile device. For some, this is becoming increasingly inconvenient, which is why portable chargers are becoming more popular. Some device makers are actually working on making batteries that last for a week without having to be charged, but such batteries are not yet available commercially.