What is a meme and how can you make one?

Regardless of whether or not you actually know what is a meme, the odds are you’ve seen one.

Grumpy Cat alone has made his rounds throughout millions upon millions of Facebook accounts.

While the word “meme,” itself actually refers to a behavior, concept or fashion that spreads from one person to the next within a culture, today it’s used more specifically toward its social media applications.  An internet meme is a concept that rapidly goes viral online and that is usually in the form of an image with a text message overtop.

Creating a meme can be done in many different ways.  While most people started through the use of an image editor, more recently the meme generator has become the tool of choice for many people.  These make it easier to find images or use your own and add the necessary components to say what you want through a carefully crafted caption worked right onto the image.

The one thing you need to know is that once you get started with a meme generator, you’ll need to have your Mogix phone portable charger ready to keep your device going.  It’s quite an addictive practice! That said, there is such thing as doing it right and doing it wrong.  Still, the rules appear to depend on whom you happen to ask.

For instance, many of the latest trends would say that memes have truly found a home on Facebook where they spread like wildfire.  However, they also say that Instagram simply isn’t about memes so they likely shouldn’t be used there.  Equally, there are huge numbers of resources that recommend using memes on Instagram in order to best appeal to your audience there.

facebook meme - what is a meme

The key is to understand your audience and what they truly want from your social media account, regardless of the platform.  If that means that your followers on Instagram hate memes there, then it clearly isn’t the appropriate place for them.  Equally, if your fans love them, then bring them on! You can’t simply let a list of rules dictate your content!  You need to share what you love and post what your followers want to see at the same time.