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Is mobile shopping outperforming desktop commerce?

There has been so much news about the popularity of mobile commerce and that it has been steadily cutting into the share of the market previously held by desktop that you might be wondering if it has taken over yet.  The answer, quite simply, is no.  Mobile shopping is still well behind purchases made over desktop and laptops in terms of market share.

However, m-commerce is outperforming e-commerce in a number of other ways, which helps to explain why an external phone charger has become an essential tool in a shopper’s kit.  This is particularly true of people in the millennial generation, who are the most frequent mobile shoppers.

To start, mobile shopping is growing much more quickly than e-commerce.  Desktop shopping may still make up the vast majority of purchases online but its growth rate has slowed down.  On the other hand, mobile is still chugging along at full steam and hasn’t shown any hint of slowing.  In fact, if anything, it’s getting faster.  Because of this, it is visibly catching up to desktop.

It should also be noted that people tend to make smaller purchases over mobile than they do over desktops.  They might pick up a few small items here and there while shopping on a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet.  However, when it comes to making larger purchases, the preference still tends to be the good old laptop or desktop computer.

However, one place where mobile commerce is truly taking off is in the shopping experience that happens before checkout.  We don’t hear about that too much because it’s quite difficult to track without doing a survey or a consumer study, instead of looking at actual statistics recorded by a website or app.  Why?  Because the purchase isn’t made there.

Instead, people are using their sucking down their mobile gadget batteries by comparison shopping, reading reviews and looking into product descriptions.  They’re also finding the locations of the nearest businesses that sell the item in question.

Therefore, while m-commerce may not yet be leading the way in terms of actual purchases that can be measured in dollars, it is a central part of the overall shopping experience.  Moreover, it plays a vital role in a shopper’s decision regarding what to buy and where.