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Mogix External Battery Charger Comparison- Which One is Right For You?

Today we’re taking a look at the two different Mogix external battery chargers.

We have recommendations based on what you do the most so check it out!

Here are some highlights we cover:

  1. The 10400mAh is best for travel and the smaller 5000mAh is great for day use or a night out due to its compact size.
  2. We go over what does mAh mean and what it will mean to you when looking for the right size portable charger.
  3. The larger mobile charger is will give you about 5 charges to your device depending on your device’s battery size and the smaller one it can be 1+ to 3 charges.
  4. They’re both extremely light weight – 6.5 oz and 3.8oz
  5. You want to use the big battery charger for an ipad due to it’s a big battery device.
  6. They’re both universal so they work on any phone and tablet.

Found on Amazon, 10400mAh external battery:

Found on Amazon, 5000mAh portable charger:

This is the specs for the 5000mAh portable charger….portable phone charger 5000mAh

Here are specs for the 10400mAh external battery charger…

external battery 10400mah specs